Some Quick Remarks on Tyson Barker's "The Pirate Party Rises"

I do not have the time nor the patience to answer and correct all mistakes and inaccuracies of our "Bertelsmann"-friend Tyson Barker, blogging on "Fair Observer" about the German Pirates in particular, which he could all have avoided if he had bothered (and spoke the language of a country he is writing about, US-American hybris, what can I say...). But since especially the Pirates in NRW (Northrhine-Westfalia) are challenging the so-called "lex bertelsmann" and also have a critical view on NATO in particular and the declining, now rampaging, power USA in general, he tried to come along with the limited amount of effort and fairness he thinks would suffice.

In this light, now, just a few quick remarks:

First, the average age of Pirate Party members is 37,1, not "most in their twenties and early thirties".

Second, be precise, and do not call Ron Paul fan-boys "libertarians". This guy and his followers are dangerous, anti-social psychos who shit on everything real "libertarian". Or would you call "praying in school" or "anti abortion" libertarian? If so, you apperently do not know what the word means (or you perverted the meaning).

Third, if citing a so-called "Occupy Wallstreet"-ethos of collectivism, be fair and do not try to attribute the "occupy"-thing to New Yorkers, i.e. US-Americans. The movement was born in Madrid, Spain, "Old-Europe" for transatlanticists, with the "Indignados", protesting the US-American, in fact also "Bertelsmann"-way, of neo-liberalist "Private Keynesianism", to cite Colin Crouch.

Fourth, the Pirates have a "fungible value system"? Do you guys ever read anything before you write? The value system of the Pirate Party in Germany is grounded in the Grundgesetz. Much to the dislike of anti-freedom party Christian Democratic Union and the traitor-party of the Social Democrats. How much more conservative value would you need?

Fifth, Sweden did not host "media-sharing sites". What Mr. Tyson Barker probably means is "The Pirate Bay", a search engine like Google and Bing. Is Google banned or asked for compensation?

Sixth, and for now last because I cannot get on with the uninspired, poorly informed text of Mr. Barker anymore, the Pirates took votes from all political parties, inlcuding the CDU and the largest single political party, the non-voters.


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