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LinkedIn released a new widget on Sunday: the "Apply with LinkedIn" button. This button allows visitors to apply for a job offer on your pages using their (and your) LinkedIn accounts.


To use it you would need to enter a number of parameters:apply-with-linkedin1


  • an API key (do NOT forget to enter an API domain)
  • Company ID or Company Name: LinkedIn suggests that you use the Company ID rather than the name of your Company. E.g. when using the ID the applicant may see who else works at your company after he submitted the application. In addition, fields for name, location, and logo are auto-populated.
  • Job Title: Job title is mandatory and can be a generic or specific title.
  • e-mail address: This denotes the e-mail address where the applications should be sent to.

Advanced Functions

Mod_apply_linkedin helps you to make full use of the "Apply with LinkedIn" button features. In addition to the mandatory three parameters you may make use of a number of advanced options.

Job Location

When using the Company ID provided by LinkedIn this field is auto-populated. But sometimes a job is in an alternate location. In this case specify the location here.

Phone Number

The applicant may provide a phone number. Specify here whether to hide the field, or make it mandatory.

Cover Letter

Specify whether the applicant should provide a cover letter.

Your Questions

You may also add up to three “Yes/No” question the applicant needs to answer.

Job ID

Use the JobID to link an application to a reference number in your system.

Additional Tracking

Enter, e.g., a reference number to track applications coming from different pages or places. Useful if you would like to find out, for instance, which version of an application page drives which traffic and which applicants.

Visual Options

There are a couple of visual options allowing you to customise the pop-up window a bit.


Here you may give an URL to your company's logo. Please note that the image has to be served using the same protocol as the page, that is when the page is "https" the protocol serving the image has to be "https" as well. Image size should be 100 wide x 60 high (LinkedIn does not give the unit, probably pixels), with a general ratio of 5:3.

Theme Colour

There is also the possibility to change the colour of part of the pop-up window. Enter here the hex code, prefixed by a number sign (#).

Button Text

Below the button you'll find some text which you can switch on and off (but not change).


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Bugs / Feature

Please report any bugs and feature requests here >> (registration required).


+ Added
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30.07.2011: Version 1.0: Initial Release

02.02.2012: V. 1.0.1:

  • + language file (english)
  • + option to choose between own title and the document title as job-title

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mod_apply_linkedin is neither endorsed by nor in any way affiliated with LinkedIn or its agents.

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