JComments with Gary's Cookbook

In case someone wants to run Gary's Cookbook with the outstanding free of charge Joomla! comments component JComments by Joomlatune and has not found out yet how to do that, here it is:



JComments comes already with the necessary plugin, so on that side we need to do nothing. Gary's Cookbook on the other hand only works as per default with the in-build comments system. It is, however, quite straight forward to implement JComments in Gary's Cookbook.

In file components/com_garyscookbook/views/category/tmpl/default.php insert at around line 90 right before "if ($ag_showcomment) {"

//Show JComments Count - Begin          
<br />      
 $comments = JPATH_SITE . DS .'components' . DS . 'com_jcomments' . DS . 'jcomments.php';
 if (file_exists($comments)) {
 $count = JComments::getCommentsCount($row1->id, 'com_garyscookbook');
 echo $count ? ('Comments('. $count . ')') : 'No comments yet';
// JComments Count End

to show the comments count in category view. You may of course pimp that code according to your needs and with the help of other snippets providing for things like last comment author, time, etc.

To show the actual comments form in recipe details view insert in file components/com_garyscookbook/views/detail/viewdetails.php at around line 218 again right before "if ($ag_showcomment) {" the following:

$comments = JPATH_SITE . DS .'components' . DS . 'com_jcomments' . DS . 'jcomments.php';
 if (file_exists($comments)) {
 echo JComments::showComments($id, 'com_garyscookbook', $title);


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