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The page is called "Political Action Map - Man, the State, and War in Europe". "Political action" in this case should not only be understood in terms of "taking action", that is, in its active sense. For sure, I want to display and record active political actions. But it also refers to incidents which constitute not necessarily political actions in itself but demand us taking "political actions", that is, in a more passive sense.

So, I also envision listing acts of corruption and fraud, of violence against minors, women, and minorities, committed by those who think to have the power to do so. I would like to document the numerous attempts to shrink our political freedoms, our civil liberties, the attempts to intimidate and manipulate the people.

"Man, the State, and War" is the title of the dissertation of one of the most well-known scholars of International Relations, Kenneth Waltz. While he referred to the different levels of analysis, that is, the individual, the State, and the International System, I understand "War" in its literal meaning and "State" as something like "state-of-affairs". With the introduction of the Euro as a common currency, and the recent bail-out of the banks which lent to Greece, and the potential to bail-out those who lent to Spain and Portugal it has become clear that class warfare from above is on. Protest movements in Greece are forming and it is to be hoped that others will follow.

"State-of-affairs" should display the condition of a society, the way it deals with its minors and minorities, with its, physically and numerically, weaker members, and how ethics and the adherence to constitutionally and democratically sound practices is being handled.

And since we live in the European Union, this has to be done on a European scale.

I would be happy if this endeavour would be appreciated and supported.


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